Have you already looked into long-term travel or researched what it would be like to live in and move to another country? Did you immediately get overwhelmed by the choices, decisions, and lack of concrete information to get you on your way? That's what happened to us when we decided to leave our country of origin five years ago. Since then, we've lived in three other countries, and we've gotten the system DOWN! Each country is different, but the principles are always the same. And, we're here to teach them to you in WorldTowning University.

 Let WorldTowning University show you how.

We’re glad you’re here. We’re glad you’re interested in long-term travel. We’re glad you’re interested in making your life even better by living the way you want to live, escaping “normal,” and exploring as much as this world has to offer.

We are Jessica and Will, and along with our two kids and a hamster named Sunshine, we are WorldTowning.  

We have lived in three different countries over the past five years, and are now living in our motorhome named Lemonade, traveling and working in every country in Europe. And you know what? We absolutely love it!

When we left five years ago, we had no intention of making this a permanent lifestyle change. Possibly, yes, but it was not our direct goal. But what has happened since is nothing short of amazing.

So we created WorldTowning University to teach YOU how you can achieve the same.

We get it. Your life is extremely busy and trying to figure out every single aspect in planning to move to a new country is more than a little time-consuming. That’s why we put the course together in a very common sense order, so that you can tackle the big stuff first and finish the minor details later on.

This shortens the overall process and saves you a ton of time along the way. By following our curriculum, we will be able to save you at least six months of research and frustration.

Over the course of 10 weeks, we cover:  

  • Your WHY
  • Potential emotional and cultural transitions
  • The visa application process
  • Health options 
  • Employment and income needs
  • Educational opportunities
  • Housing
  • Financial and technological requirements
  • Community-building opportunities at your WorldTowning location

And every week, for each of those topics above, you will receive 

  • An In-depth training video and links related to the week's topic
  • A LIVE video classroom session with WorldTowning founders (Jessica and Will) and other class members
  • Homework assignments—each of which is specially designed to move you toward your dream!
  • Expert guest speakers on occasion

WorldTowning University Autumn 2020 session begins September 3rd at 1:00 p.m. EST and ends November 5th.

Join us now to accelerate your move to a new country or to kick off your long-term WorldTowning experience. You’ll not only receive all the necessary course materials, but you’ll also get 

  • Direct access to Jessica and Will for 10 weeks! (You have questions? We have answers!)
  • A private Facebook group for sharing and building community with other future WorldTowners (The right support group is HUGE when making life changes)
  • One, 3o minute, one-on-one video call with Jessica and Will to fine tune your travel plan.
  • A WorldTowning hat! Our favorite part!

Enrollment is open until August 11th and classes start on September 3rd at 1:00 p.m. EST. Space will be limited!

We work with you until you launch. Enrollment starts now!

Each week, we unlock a new section for you to learn about. It includes pre-recorded course material that we constantly update whenever something changes, and you can watch it whenever you have time, as many times as you like.

Then we include a resource guide with links to relevant external material for further research. Lastly, we require some simple homework to make sure you’re making progress towards your travel dream. 

We don’t want people to take our course just to take our course. We are in this to get you living your best travel life possible.

Like most people, when we considered a completely different lifestyle in a completely different country we’ve never lived in before, we had a lot of fears...

We also had a handful of excuses: 

  • We own a house and have a mortgage, we can’t leave.
  • Our kids have a lot of friends at school, we can’t leave.
  • We have two comfortable and stable jobs, we can’t leave.
  • Our families would never support us, we can’t leave.
  • We don’t know how to speak French, we can’t leave.
  • We’ve never even been to Ecuador much less know how to find housing once we got there, we can’t leave.
  • We don’t even know where to look for visa information. (Wait, we need visas?) We can’t leave.

And while our fears were real, we learned that by attacking them little by little made them a lot less scary. In fact, they ultimately just disappeared. 

We were ready. And we haven’t looked back.

We asked our alumni how much they’d be willing to pay to take this course over again, and we were astonished when they said they would pay $900. So you can imagine how THEY felt when we told them we were going to offer it for only $449!

Enroll now for $449! Pay one enrollment fee and enjoy the class solo, with your domestic partner, spouse and/or teen children.

Space fills up quick. Enrollment starts NOW!

We know there are a lot of people out there with a lot of great advice, but we have to say a little something else about ourselves:

We are still out here doing it.

Worldtowning University is the first end-to-end travel launch class set up by active travelers. We didn’t just travel for a year and decide to make a class. We didn’t get done traveling, return to a comfortable lifestyle back home, and three years later develop a course.

We are constantly learning more. We are constantly up to date. We are aware of how quickly the world of travel and planning for travel around the world can change.

In addition, we are not looking to fleece you with a monthly subscription fee with the hope you might launch "one day." Instead we are working with you hand-in-hand to get you WorldTowning. 

On our first day in Costa Rica, we were sipping a "café con leche" on our patio and looking back at our journey to get us where we were. We realized we accomplished something pretty cool. 

All of those fears and excuses we held onto so that it would be ‘ok’ if we changed our minds, all of the planning, all of the wrong turns, all of the risks–everything we did, we did because we held true to our ‘Why’. What was that? To spend more time with our kids and give them a vision of the world that comes from experiences as opposed to stereotypes.

While your ‘why’ may be different, it is no less important to you. And, that’s all that matters.

So, five years and numerous countries later (and counting), we created this course, so that you can do just that: follow your why and make your life even better. 

We want to help you avoid the same pitfalls and mistakes we made. We want to relieve your stress and fears and frustrations. We want to make sure you don’t allow yourself to give up at the first sign of difficulty. We want to make sure that you go from thinking about long-term travel, to doing long-term travel.

We are here for you, and so is the rest of our community. See you inside.

Don't miss out on a chance to change your life!

Enrollment starts now!
WorldTowning Co-Founder
WorldTowning Co-Founder

Jessica Sueiro

Jessica grew up in rural Maine, where she developed a love for the outdoors. Her many diverse interests have led her to wear a number of hats throughout her life – corporate graphic designer, business owner, real estate investor, avid photographer and successful blogger. 

In 2014 She and Will (co-founder) left their stable and secure life in Boston to start anew with the hope of creating a better and more fulfilling life for their family. 

Jessica  wears no role more proudly than that of mother to her two children and passionate partner to her husband. When Jessica fused her love for family with her interest in the arts and her zest for adventure, her life as a worldschooler emerged. Her mission now is to take this to the next level and help as many people as possible to join the WorldTowning movement.


WorldTowning Co-Founder
WorldTowning Co-Founder

Will Sueiro

Will, the other half of WorldTowning, is a recovering corporate accountant who now builds programs for WorldTowning clients by day and and edits vlogs by night. He is also a bit of an adrenaline and adventure junkie, a marathoner, tech junkie extraordinaire and a hands-on worldschooler. He embraces the diversity of his Cuban culture and believes it fuels his love for experiencing life with people all over the world. Currently, Will is on a quest to document the family’s journey as authentically as possible, so others can join in the discovery and exploration of the world at large.


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